Clean and Green...

Forte Stationery.jpg

Our wonderful clients at Forte Health have made a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability, by implementing green features into the design of their hospital. As a result they became the first hospital building in New Zealand to have a Green Star Rating. Their commitment to the environment didn’t end there. As print partner, Croft Print enabled Forte to reduce their environmental impact by printing their marketing collateral on Cocoon 100% Recycled Offset Paper.

In addition to a great print reproduction, Cocoon by B&F Papers has allowed Forte to wear its environmental badge with honour. Gone are the days of just adding a recycled logo to the back of a document. Using the environmental benefits statement calculator  we were able to show the true environmental savings compared to printing on a similar non recycled paper.

Over the last 4 years of printing the Forte Health Patient Journey booklet the environmental impact savings are as follows