Use a copy “hook” on the outer envelope


In your copy be sure to use the word “you” multiple times


Make sure your offer is clear & up front - a hidden offer is no use to anyone


Don’t use a full stop at the end of your headline. It invites people to stop reading drop your mail piece


For body copy of mail piece, use a readable serif typeface - ideally 10 or 12 point


Keep text simple. People don’t pay attention the way they used to


Don’t use a word they won’t know. It won’t impress. People will stop reading


A page that looks crowded turns people off. Use plenty of white space


Make reading easy by using short sentences & short paragraphs


The signature must be legible. If not, you lose credibility


Be sure to engage sub headings


To ecourage your reader to keep reading, bullet points & bolding (used sparingly) are essential


Use credible testimonials if you have them


Avoid UPPERCASE TEXT. It’s more difficult to read


Be sure to leave a line of space between paragraphs. It increases readership dramatically


Make sure the order form is super easy to use with enough space. Get a 12-year-old to try it and make changes if it is not completely straightforward


Use photography rather than illustrations. They are more believable


Use money back guarantee. it is a strong tool for overcoming prospect inertia


In your final stage of preparation, test the copy on someone who knows nothing about your campaign. Take note of their reaction & make changes as necessary


Restate your major benefit in a carefully worded PS - it is often the first thing people read

This is an excerpt from an article by Frank Chamberlin in VoPP Mag


We are more than just print. In addition to our commercial offset and digital print solutions along with our Internal Creative Design Agency - Designco; we offer Branded Merchandise and Corporate Gifts. Have look at and let us know what you would like for us to supply.

With single use plastic on everyone's mind, clear your conscience and add your brand to our new Metro Cup.

Metro cups.jpg

Metro Cups

Fashion inspired 340ml reusable glass coffee cup with a secure push on silicone lid and a wide heat resistant silicone band. The silicone lid and band can be mixed and matched into 196 colour combinations and the price includes one colour combination per order. Multiple colour combinations are available for an additional charge. Glass is a natural choice for a clean, pure taste and it offers an eco-friendly alternative to single use paper cups. Metro Cup is presented in an unbleached cardboard gift box with a window to show the branding and product care instructions on one side.


Mix n Match - Grey, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Teal, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black.

Metro Cup Branded.jpg

Keeping it Green

My Main Course.jpg

There is nothing better than a Thai Green Curry. When Hellers launched their “My Main Course” inspiring homemade meals they wanted a trade presenter with a recycled kraft look. The problem with printing imagery on kraft board is the images can appear dirty because of the brown colour.

Solution….. Print on a high white uncoated board that is 100% Recycled (Cocoon Offset by B&F Papers) and print the kraft background in four colour process. This enables the images to be printed with complete clarity and white highlights and the food to look as good as it tastes while retaining a kraft recycled look and feel.

Great food with clever digital print and paper engineering.

Clean and Green...

Forte Stationery.jpg

Our wonderful clients at Forte Health have made a genuine commitment to environmental sustainability, by implementing green features into the design of their hospital. As a result they became the first hospital building in New Zealand to have a Green Star Rating. Their commitment to the environment didn’t end there. As print partner, Croft Print enabled Forte to reduce their environmental impact by printing their marketing collateral on Cocoon 100% Recycled Offset Paper.

In addition to a great print reproduction, Cocoon by B&F Papers has allowed Forte to wear its environmental badge with honour. Gone are the days of just adding a recycled logo to the back of a document. Using the environmental benefits statement calculator  we were able to show the true environmental savings compared to printing on a similar non recycled paper.

Over the last 4 years of printing the Forte Health Patient Journey booklet the environmental impact savings are as follows


We've Moved

Croft Print New Location.png

We are happy to announce that we have relocated to 1 Lunns Road.

After five years of searching we have finally settled in our new location on the corner of Lunns and Annex Roads. We are still the same New Zealand owned, family business offering you creative print solutions. Call us now for your next project.